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LZ Open 20m Contest 2016 - RULES

Supported by N1MM logger, Sd by EI5DI, UA1AAF, 5MContest and other contest loggers

DATE AND TIME: Annually, Every first Saturday of June,
from 08.00 to 12.00 UTC (4 hours total contest time).
For 2016 - June 4, Saturday


PARTICIPANTS: Amateur Radio Operators World-Wide

EXCHANGE: Six figures: the serial Nr of the QSO and the serial Nr of the last corespondent's QSO. RST is not required. The RST will be considered 599 for all valid contacts. This is to be used for QSL purposes.
First QSO exchange: 001 000 See the example bellow
QSO with the same station is allowed after 29 minutes regardless of band (Any station can be worked once every 30 minutes - on the 30-th minute or after it) . For example : QSO at 00:02 next QSO is OK at 00:32 or later. (The seconds are not important!)

POINTS: The unconfirmed QSOs will not count for points.
Each valid QSO counts 1 point regardless of country or continent
(Everyone works everyone )
No preferance for working DX or LZ stations, no multipliers.

This is an example of LZ1FW's imaginary log.
NR Band Time Call Sent Received Points
1 14 11:15 UA2FL 001 000 020 005 1
2 14 11:16 RW6FZ 002 020 014 036 1
3 14 11:16 YO4AAC 003 014 028 113 1
4 14 11:17 LZ1ONK 004 028 025 052 1
The QSO will not bring points to both correspondents if the difference in the times is more than 3 minutes, or there is a mistake in one of the call signs or in the serial numbers.
The QSO will not bring points to the correspondent who has not kept 30 minutes minimum time to connect the same station again.

FINAL SCORE: The sum of the QSO points.

Foreign stations Europe : Multi operators, Single operator High pwr, Single operator Low pwr and QRP (5W)
Foreign stations Outside Europe: Multi operators, Single operator High pwr, Single operator Low pwr and QRP (5W).
Bulgarian stations: Multi operators, Single operator High pwr, Single operator Low pwr and QRP (5W).
ORP participants please do not add /QRP after your Call Sign - just mark that you have operated QRP in your log.
Field Operation Stations (FIELD World) - regardless of country or continent. Maximum output power - 100 Watts. The power source must be something other than commercial power mains ( batteries or generators of any kind are permitted ) Add "/p" after the callsign. Our suggestion to those participants is to get organised by the local clubs or individuals and to concentrate at one location so that they can meet before and after the contest and make this event more enoyable for themself and for their families too.
Solar Energy Powered Stations (SEPS World) - regardless of country , continent or power. The station must be powered by solar cells or a battery charged by a solar cell.
Straight key Entrants (STREY World) - regardless of country , continent or power. ( Plese note in your contest log that you have used a straight key (STREY) during the entire contest period. )
Lady Operators - in addition to the category in which ladies participate they will be classified in a separate additional category too.
The Multi Operators Stations may use unlimited number of working sets connected in a network. The only limit is that all the stations must be located in the same call area.
The Single and the Multi Operators Stations are allowed to use DX Clusters, Skimmers, decoders or any other kind of technologies that they think might help.
The aim is to give a push to the new technologies combined with high operator skills.

AWARDS: Certificates to the first 3 stations in each category may be issued by volunteers.
Everyone who wishes to manage the contest awards please send a message to His name and Callsign will be announced and he will issue , manage and send the certificates to the winners. Electronic certificates are also welcomed.(They will be placed at the site for download). The aim is different in design certificates to be issued every year by different people.
Note: If there are no volunteers CERTIFICATES WILL NOT BE ISSUED !

E_LOGS: Cabrillo format or plain text. Send as attached file to If you like the contest you can join the LZ Open Contest Club (LZOCC). Just send us a message or note in your log that you wish to become a member. The Membership is free of charge and it is open for everyone who loves CW contesting.
The Cabrillo QSO line should look like
QSO:  14000 CW 2008-01-19 0824 LZ1DNY        001 000    F9OQ          001 000               
QSO:  14000 CW 2008-01-19 0825 LZ1DNY        002 001    UA4PN         012 008                  
QSO:  14000 CW 2008-01-19 0836 LZ1DNY        003 012    RW9LL         006 008

The exchange must be split in the middle by space    

DEADLINE: 10 days after the contest !


N1MM Free Contest Logger - now fully supports LZ Open Contest , Your F2 exchange message should be: {EXCH}  {LASTEXCH} or # {LASTEXCH} follow the setup instructions
UA1AAF  LZcwc - Free excellent program written by Boris, UA1AAF, to handle LZOpen type contests
LZOPEN ONLINE Contest Logger - you can use it online during the contest. No software needs to be installed. You have full statistics, dupe check, edit function, log generator. Just login and play with it before the contest - it is fun :) You can reset the log as many times as you wish.
Select the "LZ Open" template. After the contest, use SDCHECK (included with SD) to create your Cabrillo log. SD V14.11, released October 2008, is the only contest logger to fully support all aspects of the LZ Open. It shows individual countdown timers for calls that have been logged within the previous 30 minutes, and it highlights calls that have become available to work within the previous 10 minutes. You don't even need to type the call - the statistics is in front of your eyes : just watch and act !
More Loggers: 5MContest Logger

The contest checking starts right after the contest. Every new log is automaticaly checked with the logs already received and the result is displayed online. You can see all the errors and compare the logs (cross-check).
All the stations who have sent logs will be classified (NO CHECK LOGS)
The final results will be published within 24 hours after the deadline on the 11-th day after the contest

ABOUT THE CONTEST: We organize this international event in accordance with the rules of our domestic Bulgarian competitions. In this contest the exchange of the call signs does not mean that the contact is over. You still have to send and receive 6 figures WITH NO MISTAKE !!! High tempo non stop. The correspondents never end. You are allowed to work the same station up to 8 times durring the contest period. Our chain serial number system is unique and it has been used in all the domestic Bulgarian competitions since 1975. We are glad to see that it is well accepted outside Bulgaria.

We wish you good luck in the LZ OPEN 20m CONTEST 2016 !

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